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Seminar Schedule

NOTE:  The Sessions are geared to accommodate three levels of a paralegal's experience.  Attendees may "mix and match" their seminar choices based on their individual needs. 

Session I Seminars  9:00 – 10:15 AM

Beginner:   Navigating through the County Procedures in Pennsylvania  
Presented by Christie Lawson, Paralegal (Stark & Stark)
Tips to successfully navigate the varying county court systems in Pennsylvania.  Attendees will learn basic PA court procedures and specific filing practices for the surrounding counties (i.e. Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery).  From Digital filing to paper filing Christie will cover it all.  Please come with your questions!

Intermediate:  You Need Me to Find What Type of Expert? Obtaining Experts for All Areas of Practice
Presented by Lynne Nahmani, Esq.  (Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin)
Ms. Nahmani will speak about her experiences with expert witnesses and share her knowledge regarding locating, utilizing and working effectively with expert witnesses.  Issues covered will include determining what makes an expert a good fit; resources for locating an expert; experts and trial; potentially sensitive issues; and general tips for the paralegal on how to work with experts.    

Advanced: The Strategy of Medical Records Review: How To Organize Your Thinking Before Review And Summary (Presented by Mindy Cohen, RN (Mindy Cohen & Associates)
Do you review records in a way to support or negate the damages/value of your case?  When you have a stack of records in front of you what do you look for in terms of liability?  This seminar will help the experienced paralegal fine tune how to organize her/his thinking in a conceptual way when reviewing medical records in your case.  Great seminar for either plaintiff or defense paralegals.


Session II Seminars  10:30 – 11:45 AM

Beginner: Paralegal Toolbox – The Art of Organization
Presented by Maureen T. Garrett, Paralegal (Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin) and Sue Merewitz, NJCP (Law Offices of Thomas J. Wagner)
Experienced paralegals will share tips on how to get and stay organized in the daily workflow of a busy paralegal.  Some of these tips will include: what to do when you feel overwhelmed; how to take advantage of down time; having needed information at your fingertips; finding and utilizing all of your resources to free up time for larger projects; etc.

Intermediate:Employment Law
Presented by Thomas Holland, Esquire (The Law Office of Thomas More Holland)
What are the latest developments regarding retaliation, administrative exhaustion, and sexual harassment?  How much do you know about FMLA and ADA acts?  Attend this session and get up to speed on these hot topics in employment law and get all of your questions answered.

Advanced: Getting Ready for Trial; Uses for Trial Notebooks and More
Presented by Donna Colarulo, RP (Raynes McCarty)
This session will discuss the paralegal’s role in the preparation for trial.  The focus will be on the importance of gathering and organizing documentation from the onset of the case through the time of trial.  This session will also provide insight into the paralegal’s key role in preparing the exhibits for presentation at trial. The session will incorporate preparation for complex personal injury and medical malpractice cases.


Session III Seminars 12:50 – 2:10 PM

Beginner:  Do You Know What You Are Getting Yourself Into?  An Interesting Perspective on the Role of the Family Law Paralegal.  Presented by Julie Freeman Burick, Esquire (Adinolfi & Lieberman, PA)
If you intend to be a family law paralegal, this program will give you a crash course in what you need to know to navigate the various forms of family law cases including divorce, custody, support, and domestic violence matters and give you hot tips on the do’s and don’ts and tricks of the trade in this ever-evolving area.

Intermediate:Helpful Application for legal professionals
Presented by Eric Dakari, Esquire (Stark & Stark)
Mobile-device technology continues to drive the way legal professionals interact and work. Mobile-device applications, more commonly known as “apps,” enable legal professionals to access, manipulate, and present information and documents at any time. By selecting the right apps, legal professionals develop a more responsive, productive, and effective practice. No matter the type of device available, this seminar will help legal professionals select the right apps for improving their practice.  

Advanced:Bankruptcy and how it affects other areas of the law
Presented by The Honorable Judith Wizmur (ret.)
Did you know that the federal bankruptcy laws can affect nearly every area of law? To be discussed at this session will be the impact of the bankruptcy laws, particularly the automatic stay, on such areas as family law, personal injury actions, general litigation and criminal law. As well, special requirements imposed by the Bankruptcy Code for retaining counsel, approving settlements and approving counsel fees will be discussed.

Session IV Seminar  2:15 – 3:30 PM

All Attendees:Ethics from the Paralegal Perspective: The 3 Rs
Presented by Valerie A. Wilus, RP, Pa.C.P. (Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin & Schiller)
Responsibility, Rules and Reality.  These are the top 3 issues that paralegals face on a daily basis.  Ms. Wilus will delve into these topics that are so critical to the success of the individual paralegal and his or her role on the legal team.  Real world hypotheticals will also be discussed to assist paralegals navigate our daily ethical responsibilities in a clearer way.


General Questions:  Dawn Moskalow, NJCP, Convention Chair